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About Okanagan Accessibility

Who we are. What we believe in. What we want to achieve.
Wheelchair and stairs

We are a group formed in Vernon, BC in 2016.  We believe EVERYONE has the right to access places in our community - whether that means access to a wheelchair-friendly washroom, a ramp, or a venue equipped with Braille or a hearing loop. We want to encourage places in our community to make themselves accessible to everyone, no matter what their ability level may be. 


As a group, we discuss places in our community that we feel excel at accommodating accessibility needs.  To acknowledge the efforts of businesses who have made these accommodations, we present them with an ‘Okanagan Accessibility’ sticker with our logo on it to display in their window, if they wish to do so. The aim of displaying these stickers is so that members of the community with diverse abilities will see the OAG sticker and know the building is accessible.


We are a POSITIVE group - we feel that by working as a team we will achieve some great things in our community.

If you would like information about our meetings, please email

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